We are Best Service Provider!

Since our inception, we at Vedha Softech India Pvt. Ltd. strive to deliver superlative performance in everything we do. We have a niche talent pool who are experts in creating products that are reliable, efficient and user-friendly. Our capabilities include B2B solutions, Web Development, Android Development, Embedded Systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) segments.

Everything is Here Only.

Our office is strategically located at Mysuru, India which is doubling up as a city of software industries as well due to its connectivity and proximity to IT hub Bangalore. We have dedicated teams for each project with diversified experience in the said domains. Our loyal and happy customer-base from various sectors have always appreciated us for our efficient, timely and affordable services.

What We Do

Vedha Softech's legacy is built on our passionate team along with our company's core values. The company core values include the following:

  • Think client first
  • Be collaborative, accountable, and innovative
  • Embrace change and lateral-thinking
  • Determination towards perfection
  • Always upgrade yourself to new technologies



“As a service based company, we have our priorities set to become veterans in end-to-end software solution providers. By leveraging our stable business model and uncompromising customer services, we are taking the right steps to scale this pinnacle.”

ur workforce has always believed in working in accordance to our "4Ts" mantra which has been the driving factor of our success viz.

Every new joiner in our esteemed organization is trained up to acquire these qualities so that these beliefs are reflected in their work too.

  • Trust
  • Technology
  • Teamwork
  • Transformation


“At Vedha Softech, we believe in providing excellent services that even a common man can afford. To realize this, we have adopted several efficient work strategies which have resulted in building our awesome products within a stipulated budget so as to present this to clients at affordable rates. ”

Engaging partnership – Providing best-in-class services and products to broaden our business horizon.

Affordable services – By exploiting emerging technology innovations, delivering services to clients at pocket-friendly rates.

Training with hands-on – Since current recruiters’ expectations have gone up ten-fold, our training strategy is more focused towards practical training sessions. This will in-turn empower the candidates ready to scale up to the business challenges posed in the work place.